Pipeline debate continues as protesters gather outside PG federal MP offices

By Ashley Burr / CKPG News
June 4, 2018 - 2:56pm

PRINCE GEORGE — Protesters gathered outside federal members of Parliament Bob Zimmer and Todd Doherty's office this afternoon. The rally is one of over 100 planned across Canada today to oppose the federal government's $4.5 billion Kinder Morgan pipeline buyout.

"The more Canadians that show up in the streets and on social media to say that they oppose this risky investment is a good idea," says Erin J. Bauman, Rally Organizer.

Both Federal MP's have spoken out against the buyout. In a statement today, Todd Doherty, MP for the Cariboo and Prince George region, said he wants to see the pipeline built, but is concerned over the federal government's decision to buyout the project:

"The Liberals would have Canadians believe that the only way to build the Trans Mountain pipeline is to use billions of taxpayer dollars. It’s not. Four pipelines were built under the previous government without spending one cent of taxpayers’ money. Canadians have been waiting for over a year and a half to see a concrete plan to make sure that the Trans Mountain pipeline extension is built. Instead, this Government has offered one delay after another, and has failed to champion this project here in British Columbia," says Todd Doherty, MP Cariboo and Prince George.

Bob Zimmer, MP for the Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, tweeted his thoughts on the protest taking place outside of his office:




According to Kinder Morgan's website, the company estimates over the next 20 years the project would contribute to the creation of approximately 800,000 jobs.

The purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and various assets is not expected to be finalized until August.

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