Downtown Kamloops ambassadors administer Naloxone, save a life

By Greg Fry
April 12, 2018 - 2:50pm Updated: April 13, 2018 - 5:38pm

KAMLOOPS — They're ambassadors for Downtown Kamloops and this week they put their life-saving skills to full use.

Executive Director Carl DeSantis says members of the CAP Team — a group of people identifiable by their red uniforms and ball caps and dedicated to looking after the social and safety well being of everyone downtown — saved the life of a woman from an apparent drug overdose Wednesday afternoon.

"Jon George and Angela Halas, experienced CAP Team members, were conducting their regular patrols as they do every day downtown near the 500-block of Victoria Street late in the afternoon," he says. "They came across a lady clearly in distress and they immediately went to her and administered CPR and identified that further efforts were required and required a Naloxone kit."

He says the Naloxone clearly improved the woman's condition and she was later taken to hospital.

"As a result and only as a result of their actions this lady survived the encounter. I'm so proud of them. What this does is reinforce the commitment our CAP Team has and the impact they have on downtown everyday. They're the silent heroes of downtown."

Jon George said the life saving encounter speaks to the teamwork "we strive for" while Halas credited their success to the training provided to them.

"Many thanks to every organization who assists in ensuring we get the training we need to do our job!"

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