Extreme snowpack readings increase B.C. spring flood concerns

By James Peters
March 8, 2018 - 1:45pm

VICTORIA — The BC River Forecast Centre says several areas of the province are at increased flood risk, thanks to snowpack accumulations that are well above normal.

As of March 1, snowpack across BC is at 119 per cent of normal, up from 108 per cent one month earlier.

The most snow-laden areas of the province are the Similkameen at 144 per cent of normal, and the Okanagan at 141 per cent.

Local to the Kamloops area, the North and South Thompson are both slightly above average.

The River Forecast Centre says the risk of spring flooding is elevated in a number of different regions of BC, most notably the Southern Interior and Kootenays.

It notes, given the time of year, only about 80 per cent of the seasonal snow has fallen, meaning the risk of flooding could increase further in the next four to eight weeks.

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