Province takes on price-gouging scalpers

By 1075 Beach Radio Vernon/Pete McIntyre
March 6, 2018 - 1:12pm

VERNON — The BC government is looking to hear from the public as it tries to curb the amount of high-priced ticket scalping for live events.

Solicitor General Mike Farnworth says they want to make live events more affordable and enjoyable for British Columbians, not a windfall for scalpers.

“The action we’re taking is aimed at protecting people from unscrupulous scalpers and unfair practices that shut average people out from events in BC.”

The government will conduct a three-week survey on people’s experiences with ticket buying, reselling, and buying from resellers.

That information will be used to develop recommendations for improving affordability, fairness and transparency.

“British Columbians are frustrated by ticket price gouging, and want action,” said Spencer Chandra Herbert, MLA for Vancouver-West End. “Working with the people of B.C., our government is acting and will develop and bring forward new consumer protections to help make the ticket-buying experience fairer and more affordable.”

The survey is aimed at BC residents who buy tickets for live events, and those who sometimes resell their tickets, to ensure that changes will improve fairness and transparency in how tickets for live events are bought and sold.

The survey can be taken here:

A Canada-wide Angus Reid poll showed that four in five Canadians would agree with outright banning of software (“bots”) to jump the queue when tickets go on sale.

The poll showed that 50% of Canadians believe it is up to governments to make the necessary changes to protect Canadians.

The poll also said most Canadians see ticket reselling as a significant problem, and 80% believe that purchasing tickets with the specific purpose of reselling them is unfair.

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