Kamloops celebrates 12th annual ABC Family Literacy Day

By Adam Donnelly
January 22, 2018 - 5:23pm

KAMLOOPS — For over a decade ABC Family Literacy Day has brought families together to help highlight the importance of literacy and spending time together, away from the screens and technology that seem so prevalent these days. This year marked the 12th edition of the event.

For the past 12 years, it’s brought politicians, media personalities, and families from all over Kamloops together. ABC Family Literacy took place Saturday morning at the Henry Grube Education Centre, and as always it was a huge success.

“Families keep coming in droves,” Sue Lissel, Manager of Make Children First told CFJC Today. “We know when we offer something and 600 people show up, it’s a winner.”

The theme of this years event was Up, Up and Away! As always, there were a wide variety of activities to keep kids hands and minds busy.

MLA Peter Milobar has been reading at the event since he just a mayor.

“It’s really important that all kids have a strong basis for literacy because it really does drive everything they do in their lives,” Milobar said.

Milobar says events like this can help strengthen those family bonds that are so important when it comes to the future success of your children

“Spending that time with your kids when they’re younger, and reading to them and helping them read… it provides a great connection with your kids. It really does last,” Milobar said.

For Lissel, hosting ABC Family Literacy Day year after year really highlights the commitment to the cause of improving the literacy and the lives of children in the Kamloops community.

”I think it sends a real strong message that even though it’s disguised in songs and storytelling [literacy] is really important. The early years set the stage.”


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