Weaver comments on LNG prospects

By Cheryl Jahn / CKPG News
January 19, 2018 - 4:19pm

PRINCE GEORGE — On the heels of a Natural Resources Forum, the Leader of the Green Party is threatening to bring down the government.

It was just yesterday that three Northern BC mayors and a Councillor from the Haisla First Nation were joined on the stage by many others as a show of support for the LNG industry. They read a letter urging the government to support the industry and pursue markets for LNG abroad. Mere hours afterward, Andrew Weaver tweeted that he would bring down the government if it pursues that, something the Mayor of Kitimat calls "unfortunate."

"Clearly, I don't think he's thought this out. And clearly he's not thinking of the consequences of this," says Mayor Phil Germuth of Kitimat, and one of the three Northern BC Mayors who took to the stage yesterday. "LNG Canada's project, for example, will be the greenest LNG on Earth."

Mayor Germuth says the project will address as many fugitive emissions and every single bit of energy used in that project, other than the cooling system, will be bought from BC Hydro, another green energy.

"It's very unfortunate that Mr. Weaver is trying to take this position."

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