Kindergarten students learning about literacy through performance

By Chad Klassen
January 15, 2018 - 5:04pm

KAMLOOPS — Characters such as Jack Sparro and Elsa from Disney's Frozen made an appearance -- albeit in puppet form - Monday afternoon at Pacific Way Elementary. 

The groups, including Grade 9 English students from Sahali and kindergarten students from Pac Way, performed their own plays after months of collaboration and storytelling. 

 "Our theme was just to not take your friends for granted and to always work out if you have a problem," said Grade 9 student Laura Nixon. 

The idea is to inspire the younger kids to see how much fun reading and literacy can be. 

"We really just did a lot of reading, and we tried to make it fun for them by incorporating actions and funny voices and everything, so we really tried to get them to think it's really cool," Nixon. 

Mentoring the kindergarten kids was a big focus for the Grade 9s. 

"That was one of the big focuses for my kids, so that they could learn the power of their influence and use it in a positive way," said Grade 9 English teacher Lynda Hall. 

For the little ones, getting the read, write and perform their stories with the big kids was a thrill, and a valuable lesson learned about the importance of literacy. 

"Everyone needs to read because they need to practice their reading," said one kindergarten student. 

ABC Literacy Day happens this Saturday, January 20 at the Henry Grube Centre.

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