Multiple affordable housing projects to be announced in Kamloops in coming months

By Jill Sperling
January 7, 2018 - 9:10am

KAMLOOPS — Kamloops can expect a number of affordable housing announcements in the coming months.

Mayor Ken Christian says City Council is actively working on a multi-pronged approach to bringing more affordable housing to the city, and reducing homelessness.

"Over the next months, we will have a number of projects that we're working with. I think the first announcement is January 16 that we hope to have the minister here to make some announcements because this is not something that falls directly on municipalities." 

A Housing First initiative is one of the priorities outlined in the city's Homelessness Partnering Strategy funding agreement with the federal government. 

For now, the city's homeless have a place to lay their heads. 

Extra beds were recently added to the temporary winter shelter at the old Stuart Wood school, which will be open nightly until the end of March. 

Nevertheless, Christian says the city is still in need of more shelter space. 

"We have been looking for an additional site on the North Shore, and have been talking about that, haven't got one yet. We need to be able to make sure that no one dies on the streets of Kamloops because of exposure, and that's really the bottom line." 

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