Two boys, 5 & 7, rescued near Vernon New Year's Eve

By CJIB Vernon
January 2, 2018 - 7:52am

VERNON — Vernon Search and Rescue wrapped up 2017 with a call New Year's Eve to find two lost boys.

The children, aged 5 and 7, wandered off from a bonfire at West Shore Estates in the North West Side area.

Search Manager Leigh Pearson says about 22 members of the team joined members of North West side Fire Rescue to look for the boys in the early evening.

He says the search was started about 45 minutes after the boys went missing. He says it was an earlier callout than they would normally respond to, but he says it was the right decision with the cold weather, the wind chill and the age of the boys. 

Pearson says a couple of the searchers on snowmobiles heard dogs barking. Wondering what they were barking at, they shut off their sleds and called out for the kids. 

He says fortunately, one of them answered back, and they were rescued from a deep ravine.

The boys were fine after being warmed up and checked out by an ambulance crew.

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