Winter weather separates those who really love winter from the wannabees

By Doug Collins
December 28, 2017 - 6:31am

KAMLOOPS — For some, this winter weather is a dream come true. For others, it's a day to enjoy it, but only if they're indoors and don't have to go anywhere.

The snow that fell gently on Kamloops yesterday and overnight is forecast to continue for the next few days.  This morning's forecast from Environment Canada is looking at 5-10 centimeters of snow, more at the higher levels. Another 2-4 centimeters on tap for tonight, and more snow right through Saturday.

The situation will be a little different for the Coquihalla Highway with a good dump of the white stuff yesterday and overnight, and another 10-15 centimeters today. 

Snowfall warnings are still out for the Coquihalla and the Shuswap this morning. 20 centimeters is expected between Hope and Merritt today, and a chance of freezing rain near Hope. Another 10-15 centimeters forecast for tonight and the same for tomorrow. 10-15 centimeters expected for the Shuswap today, and more snow through Saturday. 

There will be rain or snow at the coast depending on where you live. Lower levels will get rain, higher levels could get up to 5 centimeters of snow. 

All highways in the Interior have compact snow and slippery sections this morning. There is a lane closure on the Coquihalla southbound near Inxs lake following an  accident yesterday involving a semi in the ditch. 

Locally, crews are working to clear arterials, but there's a lot of snow to move this morning, so it will be some time before conditions are great. RCMP and first responders report a lot of accidents late yesterday afternoon and into the evening, but it's been quiet overnight. 

No matter where you're travelling, make sure your vehicle is topped up with gas so that you have enough fuel if you get stopped, and make sure you have blankets, warm clothes, food and water, because some delays could last several hours with no place to turn around. 


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