Women surpassing men in TRU enrollment rates

By Jill Sperling
December 4, 2017 - 4:31pm Updated: December 4, 2017 - 6:24pm

KAMLOOPS — 2016 Census data shows more Canadians are pursuing post-secondary education than a decade ago. 

According to Statistics Canada, 54 per cent of Canadians aged 25-64 have attained university or college qualifications, up from 48 per cent in 2006. 

The data also shows a nearly 8 per cent increase in young women attaining a bachelor's degree or higher at 40.7 per cent. 

However, the statistic is quite a bit lower for men. 

TRU Dean of Student Christine Adam says the local university experiences a lower rate of enrollment of male students than female. 

"We certainly have more female students than male students in our population, it's about a 9 per cent difference in registration right now," Adam said. 

Adam notes those who participated in the survey may have faced a different economy, encouraging young men to go directly into the workforce. 

Stats Canada also notes an overall increase of Métis, Inuit, and First Nations people pursuing higher education. 

Currently 9 per cent of TRU's student body self declares as Aboriginal, but Adam notes once again, there are more females enrolling than males. 

"The difference between our Aboriginal female population, and male population is about 28 per cent. So, we have a lot more female students coming in."

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