Garbage collection changes coming Jan. 1

By Chad Klassen
December 1, 2017 - 12:30pm Updated: December 1, 2017 - 4:54pm

KAMLOOPS — Starting in the new year, the City of Kamloops will implement changes to the zones that determine what day and time your garbage and recycling is picked up.

"Starting Jan. 1, we will be decreasing the size of Zone 4 and Zone 5 because that's where a lot of the growth is occurring up in Aberdeen, up in Juniper," said streets and environmental services manager Glen Farrow. "We're at capacity in those zones based on the amount of collectors and trucks we have."

Zone 4 includes places like Upper Sahali and Aberdeen, while Zone 5 is everything east of the city, including Valleyview. Also as part of the changes, the city is looking to expand the number of homes it collects downtown, which is Zone 3. 

"Including areas such as Dufferin and all of downtown now, including the south portion, south of Columbia Street," noted Farrow. "We're really looking to have Zone 3 larger to accomodate future growth in Zone 4 and Zone 5."

It means residents in those zones may have to get used to a new collection day - and even a new time potentially - with all the shifting. 

"There are lots of residents that are used to having their garbage collected on a Zone 4 day. Now they're going to have collection on a Zone 3 day," said Farrow.

The city will be sending out new collection schedules this month. But it's also developed and released an app that will remind residents of their new pick-up day. 

"It's a brilliant new app, indicating when your collection day is, so you can get a reminder in place. A text, a phone call, email that would alert you at whatever time you set up for yourself to get up and get your cart out."

Farrow suggests residents put their carts out as early as possible with the changes.

"Just a reminder for people to get your carts out in advance of 7 a.m. If you're used to receiving garbage collection at 9:30 in the morning, it might not be 9:30 in the future. It may be 7:30, so just be aware of that."

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