Ferguson makes NHL regular season debut

By Earl Seitz
November 15, 2017 - 3:09pm Updated: November 15, 2017 - 6:49pm

KAMLOOPS — You just never know what the hockey gods have in store.

Dylan Ferguson leads the Western Hockey League in goaltender losses this season and he's near the bottom of the league in goals against average and saves percentage --- but he's playing in the NHL.

Had it not been for a trade to Vegas two days after he was drafted by Dallas last summer, Ferguson would'nt be having this opportunity.

Once again, the hockey gods at work.

Brough up on emergency recall by the Golden Knights two weeks ago, Ferguson finally got into the game last night in Edmonton.

It's a dream come true for every Canadian kid who ever put on skates and picked up a hockey stick --- to play in the NHL.

Last night the dream came true for Dylan Ferguson.

"It's every kids dream", says Ferguson "to be in that net --- I'm at a loss for words about it."

Maxime Legace, who has started all six games since Ferguson was called up October 31 in the Golden Knights goaltending crisis, was shaken up on the fifth goal in last nights 8-2 loss to the Oilers.

Legace stayed in for two more, and shortly aftger the 7th goal Legace was out and Ferguson was in.

"The trainer told me to stay a little warm", says Ferguson, "then one of the coaches said you're going in next whistle."

After giving up seven goals on 29 shots the Golden Knights battened down the hatches for their 19 year old goaltender.

Ferguson made a save on the first shot he faced --- the next one would count on an Oilers power play.

After that the Knights closed the door on the Oilers.

It was a loss, but a 19-year old teenager lives a kids dream.

For Dylan Ferguson a "golden night" to remember capped off by words of encouragement from NHL superstar Connor McDavid.

He just kind of tapped me on the pads" says Ferguson, "and said good job bud --- it's pretty crazy watching him on T.V. and playing against him."

Tomorrow night the Golden Knights will be in Vancouver to face the Canucks.    Do you think just maybe........?

Sportnet play by play announcer, "and you wonder will he, as you see the Blazers mask, get to start in their next game, which just happens to be in the province of British Columbia as they play Vancouver on Thursday."




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