Supervised consumption site suggested for Vernon

By Pete McIntyre / KISS FM Vernon
October 23, 2017 - 4:18pm

VERNON — Vernon could join Kelowna and Kamloops as having supervised safe injection sites.

There hasn’t been any formal plans for it, but Annette Sharkey from the North Okanagan Social Planning Council says it could reduce the illegal activity the public currently sees as part of the opioid crisis.

“If we as a community are outraged at seeing people using drugs outside, in public, and in public washrooms, there is an alternative to that in programs where people are supervised.”

Kelowna and Kamloops have started using safe consumption mobile units for addicts to consume safely.

“Having people being able to use a space where this is some supervision is actually saving lives,” says Sharkey. “I think this is something the community really needs to think about. I know it’s controversial.

Sharkey says Interior Health would get plenty of input before introducing a program like that into the city.

“They would really want to work with the community, so I think there would be notice before something like that came into the community. So it’s a good conversation to have; what is our readiness for that type of program?”

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