Four Paws continues to foot vet bills for dozens of wildfire families

By Vanessa Ybarra
October 22, 2017 - 2:41pm

KAMLOOPS — The wildfire season may be over but support continues for pets and their owners affected by it.

Four Paws Food Bank Owner Bonny McBride says they continue to financially support up to 50 animals, most of them dogs, in Cache Creek and other communities in the Cariboo and TNRD region.

"Even if people didn't lose their homes, some of them lost their entire summer's worth of work or entire garden or crop at their farm so financially their situation has changed considerably and many can't keep up with animal costs," said McBride. "We continue to work with a lot of families to help with emergency and veterinary costs including spay and neuter vaccations. We also continue to deliver cat and dog food."

McBride says the non-profit organization has been using donations from animal organizations across the country to foot the bills.

The group also received a cheque from Fort McMurray earlier this week that helped stretch their funding.

"It's been amazing some of the donations have been as far away as Prince Edward Island, the whole country continues to support the Cariboo and TNRD after these devestating fires."

Still, with animal support likely to continue into the new year they can always use more.

"We have asked for funding from the Red Cross and we're also working with vets to reduce their costs," said McBride. "Every little bit helps."

If you'd like to donate to Four Paws, reach out to them on their Facebook page here.


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