Slightly colder, snowier than average winter predicted for Kamloops

By Greg Fry
October 18, 2017 - 11:34am

KAMLOOPS — If you were hoping for a milder than average winter in Kamloops this year you're likely out of luck.

AccuWeather has released its winter forecast and it may be time to bundle up because a weak La Nina is headed our way.

"I'm looking at probably near to slightly above normal snowfall," says senior meteorologist Brett Anderson. "Temperature wise we do have you in the near normal but I'd lean towards the colder side."

He says the average high temperature for December and January is close to zero degrees with things warming up to plus four in February. Nighttime average temperatures in December and January are usually about minus six warming up to about minus four in February.

As for this winter, December through February?

"About a degree below normal for the three months overall," he says. "As for snow, the average is about 63 centimetres, so slightly above that."

Anderson admits seasonal forecasts are tricky though.

"You can't get too specific so we look for a seasonal average pattern. When we have a La Nina or a El Nino going on, especially if they're strong, it helps."

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