Monte Creek entrepreneur gets her fifteen minutes of fame

By Adam Donnelly
October 6, 2017 - 4:33pm Updated: October 6, 2017 - 5:29pm

KAMLOOPS — Many of us enjoy watching a bit of reality TV now and again - and who out there hasn’t thought about what they would do if they found themselves as a contestant on one of those shows? One Monte Creek woman found out first hand what a trial by fire reality TV can be, as she stepped into the Dragons Den.

It’s a long way from Monte Creek for Toronto, according to recent Dragon’s Den candidate Monique Vek.

Vek is the innovator behind MSport6, a performance shirt brand built for a number of different applications. While she first conceived the concept of the shirt while riding horses, one of the other applications got the Dragon’s attention.

“It’s gone from equestrian, which is 90% of our market… how we got onto Dragon’s Den, which is the menopausal market,” Vek explained.

Vek’s first glimpse at her appearance on Dragon’s Den came last night - she says despite not making a deal with the Dragons, she’s happy with how the appearance turned out.

“Number one goal was to get to air, very important. That is primetime coverage for 10 minutes. Huge,” Vek told CFJC Today. “Number two goal was to make the best deal possible for our business… It would have only been nice to get a deal on camera just for some validation.”

Now that it’s over she’s hoping MSport6 sales gets its own hot flash from her appearance on the show.

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