Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo NDP president likes Singh as new leader

By Chad Klassen
October 2, 2017 - 4:49pm Updated: October 2, 2017 - 6:07pm

KAMLOOPS — The President of the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo NDP federal riding says newly-elected leader Jagmeet Singh will bring more youthful enthusiasm to the role.

Gary Worth, whose first choice was Niki Ashton, said on Monday Singh will challenge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the youngest leader in Ottawa.

"He's fairly progressive," said Worth. "He's not as left-wing as Niki Ashton, but he's still quite left-wing. I'm a little disappointed in the NDP's movement towards a 'mushy middle' in the past few years. I think he'll change that a little bit. He's strong on environmental issues and social programs. I think he'll be a good leader."

Worth noted Singh, a 38-year-old politician, will be able to connect better to the younger voters than his predecessor Tom Mulcair.

"He's a young, progressive candidate who I think will bring in some of the new people on board. There's a lot of young people in Canada that don't seem to be very into politics," said Worth. "So I'm hoping now that other than reading Internet stuff and YouTube sites that they'll listen to Jagmeet, and perhaps become more interested in politics."

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