Kamloops Home Depot donates to help end youth homelessness

By Adam Donnelly
September 25, 2017 - 5:11pm

KAMLOOPS — On any given night, there are around 7,000 youth across Canada without a place to call home. Throughout the year, over 40,000 youth in our country experience a form of homelessness. While many of us take having a place to call home for granted, not knowing where you’re going to sleep from one night to another makes it difficult for young people to find jobs, or go to school - but thanks to a generous donation received today, A Way Home Kamloops are hoping they can take that uncertainty out of the lives of some of those youth here in the city.

Instead of their regular staff meeting, Home Depot staff gathered today to help celebrate the fundraising effort the store put forth over the last year, in order to help end youth homelessness. The result: over $8,000 raised for A Way Home Kamloops.

“I’m very proud to work for a company that cares about our community like this,” Home Depot Kamloops store manager Shawn Mochrie told CFJC Today. “A Way Home here in Kamloops is doing amazing things to help with youth homelessness, and it’s just an honour to be able to support them.”

According to A Way Home’s Youth Homelessness Coordinator, Katherine McParland, this money will be put to very good use in helping local youth find permanent housing.

“These funds raised will go towards developing youth housing in our community,” McParland explained. “We’re going to be able to subsidize a youth’s rent, to help their ability to transcend the streets and secure housing.”

McParland says the money donated today will help fund homes for four young people for a full year, as they seek educational opportunities and employment.

Daniel and Kira work with A Way Home as youth advisors.

Daniel says he’s seen A Way Home improve the lives of many youths through the funds raised in the community.

“Seeing the transformation through all the funds that we’ve received… [it] changes the way that A Way Home functions and the amount that we can help youth,” he said.

For Kira, getting young people into homes makes sure they can stay safe from exploitation.

“When a youth is experiencing homelessness, they’re incredible vulnerable,” Kira explained. “Having [a home] that is safe, warm, give your shelter is so necessary, and it’s a basic human need. It really is."

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