Kamloops rental market 'pretty tight' in September

By Greg Fry
September 15, 2017 - 10:23am

KAMLOOPS — It's a challenging time for those looking to rent in Kamloops.

"The market right now is pretty tight for renters. The vacancy rate for our portfolio is sitting at around 1 per cent in September which is a little lower than we see in the summer once the students arrive back to TRU," says Jason Fawcett, vice-president of the Kelson Group, proprieters of 22 rental buildings in the city. "And then you combine other people in the rental market and it's a very competitive time. Typically other parts of the year it's more stable."

He adds the low vacancy rate tends to be spread evenly across Kamloops.

"We have buildings in almost every market and it's pretty equal. The North Shore is strong, same as the south shore. It's tight in every neighbourhood."

To succeed in finding a property to rent, he said people need to do their homework.

"Be organized, start early and be prepared. There's a lot of information on the internet but don't always rely on that," says Fawcett. "You need to go look at places, look for signs that pop up. Not all landlords advertise on the net. And you've got to do your legwork, bring references. Be prepared to answer questions and information about yourself so you look like you'll be a great renter. Because landlords really want people they can rely on in their apartments. It's not all about collecting high rents."

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