Cooler, showery weather in the forecast for Kamloops area

By Greg Fry
September 11, 2017 - 12:03pm

KAMLOOPS — Help is on the way from Mother Nature.

Environment Canada meteorologist Doug Lundquist says some rain should arrive in Kamloops tomorrow once the current ridge of high pressure lessens.

"It'll start to cool off and get more showery tomorrow. By the middle of the week we're only expecting highs in the 14 degree range," he says. "Towards the weekend it'll probably start to warm and dry up a little again but nowhere near where we were before. So, getting back to the 20 to 22 degree range."

Lundquist says the amount of rain we receive will depend on where you live.

"It'll range from a couple of millimetres to maybe five plus if a storm manages to go over your neighbourhood," he says. "And I would say further north and east out toward the Shuswap and further up the Thompson is likely to be higher amounts. So, some locations might get 10 millimetres in the Tuesday to Thursday range."

Enough wet stuff to put a serious dent in the wildfires?

"Well, it definitely helps and the nights are longer and the humidity is up and cooler so I'm hoping it allows the firefighters to get ahead of things."

Wildfire suppression costs near half-a-billion dollars