Wildfires spark discussions between B.C. Cattlemen's Association and Feds

By Vanessa Ybarra
September 9, 2017 - 10:21am

KAMLOOPS — Where there's tragedy there's opportunity for change.

Kevin Boon, General Manager of the B.C Cattlemen's Association, says he continues to be in in talks with Carla Qualtrough, the chair of the federal wildfire response committee, on ways to improve ranching and agricultural practices to ensure properties are better protected come the next wildfire season.

"There's two million acres of land that we now have an opportunity to do the right thing with," said Boon. "We noticed during the fires that any agricultural land that had irrigiation under it, it stopped the fire because it's wet and moist and there's none of the trees to burn and really carry it through," said Boon. "We have to ask ourselves is there opportunity here to keep the treelines further back from our cities and infrastructures? How do we utilize this to prepare for the future economically and environmentally? 

Boon says talks between him and Qualtrough also included the need to improve tree planting methods including the possibility of planting trees farther apart with more grassland in between to help slow down wildfire growth.

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