Rain relief en route, but not much

By Greg Fry / James Peters
September 7, 2017 - 11:30am

KAMLOOPS — There is some relief coming from the weather conditions fanning the wildfires in BC, but Environment Canada says that relief is only temporary.

Forecaster Doug Lundquist says a cold front will result in temperatures dropping tomorrow, and maybe even some precipitation for the Kamloops area.

"The likelihood is from late overnight, by the time we wake up, through the day tomorrow into perhaps the evening. So we have about a 24-hour, not quite a 24-hour window," said Lundquist.

Those looking for an end to the raging wildfire season shouldn't expect significant rainfall.

"The most likely situation is maybe four or five millimetres in the mountains and a millimetre or two down in the valley, which will be good," said Lundquist. "Even if it doesn't rain, the fact that we're getting a cold front coming through will bring cooler weather and let the relative humidity pick up, which helps with fire response."

Sunshine is expected to return to the Interior by Sunday, but Lundquist says temperatures will be lower than during the past few weeks.

"Any bit of coolness helps this time of year," said Lundquist. "It's kind of like a roller coaster heading downward. We have the heat, if we cool off and the roller coaster can't get quite as high as the previous day. So the daytime highs next week won't be as high as we saw it a couple of weeks ago, just because the nights are longer and there is less power in the sun."

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