Developer demands compensation if KGHM-Ajax mine goes ahead

By Doug Collins
September 5, 2017 - 6:57am Updated: September 5, 2017 - 8:05am

KAMLOOPS — It could be a long time before a major block of prime development land is utilized if the KGHM-Ajax mine goes ahead.

Aberdeen Highlands Development, a major player for years in the Southwest, has a prime block of land within a kilometer of the proposed mine, and says it wants financial compensation from the mine for the loss of value in the land if the mine goes ahead. It also wants bonding for any possible problems that develop at the site that could impact the development lands.

In a letter posted on the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office website last week, the company says the lands wouldn't be developed likely until the mine's life is over, 23-25 years down the road.

Terry Ternier, President of the Development Company, says in the letter "if anyone believes that Aberdeen Hills would even attempt to develop the lands and risk further investment while the mine is in operation, they are living in a dream world." He says noise, vibration, dust, air quality, health risks and groundwater problems are all concerns his company would have.

Ternier also blasts both the provincial and federal environmental assessment agencies who they say have recognized the impact the mine will have but have blatantly and recklessly discounted them without any requirement for compensation."

Ternier says housing is the number one driver of the Kamloops economy and holding back on the Aberdeen development will mean 1,000 units will be lost. 

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