One injured in Shuswap Lake boat collision

By James Peters
August 14, 2017 - 10:39am

CHASE, B.C. — A woman has been injured in a crash between two boats on Shuswap Lake.

Chase RCMP say the incident happened last Tuesday, August 8 just after 10:00 p.m.

Investigators say a boat traveling near Copper Island hit the rear of a stationary boat.

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue personnel based in Sicamous were called to assist, but RCMP say nearby boaters were able to assist the victims of the crash.

Sgt. Gary Heebner says a 41 year old woman was taken to hospital for treatment of injuries.

"They're somewhat serious in that she had a concussion and some muscle and joint injuries, et cetera. However, she is still mobile."

Another man on the stationary boat was not significantly injured.

There were two men on the moving boat.

Heebner says boating at night can be very hazardous.

"It's a large body of water, but people tend to hang around the same general areas. In our case, it's around Copper Island," said Heebner. "That makes it quite dangerous in the evenings when the visibility is less than good."

Investigators are trying to determine what factors led to the crash, including whether alcohol played a part.

"It is dangerous to be boating at night," said Heebner. "The lights on the boats typically are small and can be hard to see, especially if they're mixed in with shore lights in the background. You need to be extremely cautious on the water at night, and certainly have zero alcohol in your system."

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