Smoke relatively calm for Kamloops Ribfest kickoff

By Vanessa Ybarra
August 11, 2017 - 4:31pm Updated: August 11, 2017 - 6:37pm

KAMLOOPS — The smoke cleared and the sun came out just in time to kick off the sixth annual Kamloops Ribfest.

It's one of the city's most popular events of the year and began Friday morning at Riverside Park.

Proceeds go towards the Rotary Club of Kamloops with close to $400-thousand raised since the event's inception.

Brad Bosence is loud, proud, and extra saucy.

"When you put a lot of love in your food, people can taste it," said Bosence.

The Albertan and the rest of his crew are one of six ribbers taking part in this year's Ribfest at Riverside Park where BBQ means business.

"We have three semi trucks full of ribs, pulled pork, briscuit, cold slaw, beans, everything," said Bosence. "We started cooking at around 9 a.m."

"We've got everyone from Vancouver to Florida that's represented here so when you look at that, that's a pretty good array," said Bryce Herman, Spokesperson for Kamloops Ribfest. "These guys are pros, this is what they do."

This is Bosence's first taste of Kamloops Ribfest, he and the Misty Mountain crew travelling Western Canada all summer long serving up sizzling hot ribs to festival goers.

"I get to see the country, mostly Saskatchewan to B.C. and cook ribs, and cooking is my favourite thing to do," beamed Bosence.

Gator BBQ has been serving up sweet and spicy ribs since 1983.

"This is the first time on the circuit for a bunch of us, other people have been doing it for 15 years," said Eric Lula, Griller with Gator BBQ.

Ribfest is a must-attend event for the Florida company.

"It's our busiest festival of the year so it's a lot of fun and a lot of work for us," said Lula. 

Trophies celebrating the grillers passion for meat sit proudly displayed in front of their sites.

The secret to award-winning ribs depends on who you ask.

"The smoking is what makes it great in my eyes, but I think it's the love of the griller," said Bosence.

"Great BBQ sauce and lots of it," said Lula.

"It's delicious, you can't beat it," said one festival goer enjyoing the ribs.

"The sweetness, the taste, it's incredible," said another man. "I probably come six or seven times throughout the three day festival."

Which rib tastes the best is what judges will have a difficult time deciding Saturday when a Top Ribs and People's Choice award is handed out.

"There's a number of politicians taking part, it's a blind tasting, so they won't know whose rib is whose," said Herman.

Winner or not, for the grill masters it's all about the rush of the rib.

"We flew out just to see the country and cook ribs," said Lula.

"It's wonderful," said Bosence. "Just me and my knife."


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