Crow causes clearance issues at Kamloops Airport

By Jill Sperling
June 30, 2017 - 1:15pm

KAMLOOPS — A crow is getting the blame for hindering air traffic control at the Kamloops Airport Thursday night. 

According to Airport Manager Fred Legace, a crow short-circuited a major electrical line. That started a small brush fire which damaged a telephone cable. 

"Nav Canada, the building that all of that stuff serves at the end of the line there, initially went to emergency power, and then some emergency communications with the air traffic control centres. They were able to get clearances back and forth, but thankfully it was a very low period, so there wasn't much activity." 

Crews began working to repair the damaged pole once the fire was out.

"Last night BC Hydro was in, got the power line back up. This morning Telus very quickly got the telephone line in, and I think the final piece that's ready to come in sometime this morning is a fibre optic cable. So that will be finally up and running." 

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