Gilbert brings international experience as new Kamloops Symphony music director

By Chad Klassen
June 21, 2017 - 4:06pm Updated: June 21, 2017 - 5:37pm

KAMLOOPS — More than a month after Bruce Dunn conducted his final concert as music director of the Kamloops Symphony, the orchestra has introduced his successor.

Dina Gilbert was introduced on Wednesday as the new music director to follow in Dunn's footsteps. Gilbert comes to Kamloops from Quebec where she served as an assistant conductor of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra from 2013 to 2016.

But she also extensive experience conducting music in Europe, including trips to Paris to guest conduct in France. Gilbert says she's going to build on what Dunn has accomplished.

"Changes are exciting, but there have been so much great music implemented by maestro Bruce Dunn that obviously I'm going to maintain," said Gilbert. "I'm going to maintain what has been done and going to pursue his work. Open up new ideas coming from where I live and places I've been around the world." 

Gilbert will not live in Kamloops full-time, sharing time between here and Quebec, as well as appearances in other parts of the world like Paris. 

"Principle position would be here as the music director of the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra. But as a conductor, I also have some guest conducting engagements," she said. "This is exciting because then I go back and forth and come back with the knowledge to share with the musicians here in Kamloops."

The Kamloops Symphony's executive director Kathy Humphreys said Gilbert is a 'firecracker,' someone full of energy and enthusiasm.

Humphreys noted Gilbert had the education and experience the orchestra was looking for, including time spent conducting music in Europe. 

"That's going to allow her to broaden her base of knowledge, extend our presence nationally and internationally," said Humphreys. "She'll be talking about us as her orchestra, and that's goign to help us achieve that new level we're looking for."

Gilbert's next gig is in Paris this summer, conducting a hip hop symphony concert. 

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