City of Kamloops prepares as SLR set to present final findings into KGHM application

By Chad Klassen
June 16, 2017 - 5:00pm Updated: June 16, 2017 - 6:50pm

KAMLOOPS — When SLR presented their preliminary findings into KGHM Ajax's 18,000-page application in March 2016, the environmental consultant was quite critical. 

More than a year after that presentation, SLR will unveil its final investigation into KGHM case on Monday night. 

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"Some of the things the public will hear from SLR will include concerns around air quality modelling as well as some concerns in respect to health," said the city's director of public works Jen Fretz. "There will also be information about the benefits of the project to the community."

The event begins at 6 p.m. at the Coast Kamloops Hotel and will allow the public to ask questions. But unlike last year, Interior Health has also been invited by the city to speak. 

"Interior Health was invited by council to give their perspective on the application," said Fretz. "They did come to council some time before, suggesting they had a vested interest in reviewing the application. So council has asked for them to come and give a presentation on what they have found."

Kamloops City Council will be on hand but is only there to officiate the evening. 

"I'm just asking people to come with a respectful, open mind," said deputy mayor of Kamloops Arjun Singh. "I don't want any cheering or booing, or big signage or placards. It's really a meeting to try and allow people the opportunity to get some value out of the money the city has spent on this report, so we can all make a better decision as to what we personally feel, yes or no, about the proposal."

SLR will address council one-on-one on Thursday when questions can be asked to help some councillors like Singh, Pat Wallace, and now mayoral candidate Ken Christian make their final stance on the proposed mine. 

"I've been wanting until I have all the information, to get the final information in front of me," said Singh. "I will be making a decision pretty quickly after that."

Council will meet on July 17 when the city's expected to make an official stance on the project.  

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