South Thompson River could peak this weekend

By Doug Collins
June 8, 2017 - 6:47am

KAMLOOPS — While localized flooding may still be a problem, officials are expecting the South Thompson River to peak this weekend.

The River Forecast Centre says water is still high in Shuswap Lake, and a number of residents have been fortifying their properties, but overall, the problem is starting to ease.

Unless there's a heavy rain this weekend, and that's unlikely from the Environment Canada forecast, the South Thompson could hit its crest this weekend. 

The level at Riverside Park continues to drop, meaning the peak level in Kamloops would be below the level reached in 2012. 

We shouldn't get too complacent, though. The snowpacks in the South Thompson are still well above normal, so until more of that snow melts, there is always the chance of a turnaround, and residents who have had to take precautions so far are advised to leave any emergency measures in place for a bit yet. 

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