Dominos delivers pizza, hope to homeless at New Life Community Kamloops

By Chad Klassen
May 16, 2017 - 2:00pm

KAMLOOPS — For the past year, Dominos Pizza in Kamloops has been delivering pies to various non-profit organizations. 

To date, Rocky Hunter and his team have baked up and delivered over 1,600 pizza since starting the program, feeding the hungry and lifting spirits across the city.

WATCH: Full video by Chad Klassen

Every Monday night, Hunter bakes up pizza for the homeless at New Life Community Kamloops.
"We're looking at 40 pizzas that's going down to the Mission to feed the homeless people," he said.

After packing the cheese pizzas into the van, it's go time.  

"We're off to the New Life Community to serve up the 40 pizzas to some hungry people there."

Upon arrival on West Victoria Street, there's a crowd of people eagerly waiting outside for a couple slices of goodness. Inside, volunteers and employees of Hunter's are getting plates ready to serve. 

When the doors open, about 70 people line up for their share, including Mervin McNabb who appreciates night's like this. 

"To me it's a treat," said McNabb. "To have New Life Community put on something like this. If you don't have a home and it's in the evening, it's very much appreciated."

Helping people like Mervin is why Hunter started this program last year. 

"For me, it's like being able to give, being fortunate and blessed with a business that's good to give," said Hunter. "Every individual is unique. Everyone has a story. Some of the stories are so awesome, some stories you just feel from your heart the trials they're going through. So to be able to feed them, to me, I don't know what else you could do."

It certainly won't be the last Monday night at New Life, and Hunter hopes to expand the program even more. 

"We're going to keep doing it for as long as I own the business and things work out, and God willing my son will own the business, we'll just continue."

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