Search for Cache Creek Fire Chief now a recovery mission

By Vanessa Ybarra
May 7, 2017 - 3:00pm

CACHE CREEK, B.C. — The search for Cache Creek Fire Chief Clayton Cassidy is now a recovery mission.

Kamloops Search and Rescue's Alan Hobler confirmed the news Sunday afternoon saying RCMP are now leading the search.

Cassidy had gone out to check on Cache Creek water levels early Friday morning.

It's believed he was swept away by the fast-flowing current, with his truck found running in a parking lost a few hours later.

Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta says today's news is devastating for the whole community.

"We've been hoping for the best and fearing the worst," said Ranta. "The RCMP has come to the realization that there's very limited possibility that Clayton will be found alive. It's just a tragedy for the whole community."

More than 30 volunteers searched Cache Creek and surrounding areas over the weekend in search of Cassidy.

Ranta says murky conditions and floating debris in the creek made the search mission particularly difficult for crews. 


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