Storm hits, but not as hard as predicted

By Doug Collins
May 5, 2017 - 5:29am

KAMLOOPS — It didn't develop to be the big storm it could have been, but there are still concerns after all the storm warnings yesterday.

Officially, Kamloops got only half a millimeter of rain at the airport, but there were pockets of heavy rain throughout the interior, and some of that rain fell in areas where high water is already starting to be a problem.

The low-lying areas between Monte Creek and Falkland are already facing rising water, as they often do in the spring, but a heavy downpour in that area last night certainly won't help. 

There are also reports of high water in the Mill Creek area near Merritt.

Highway 8 is closed in both directions 25 kilometers west of Merritt because of a washout, and there is no detour.

There's no indication when the road might reopen. 

Overnight storm causes creek flooding throughout Kamloops area