Kamloops Airport hosts unique guest

By James Peters / Chad Harris
April 26, 2017 - 2:44pm

KAMLOOPS — Sky watchers may have noticed a unique aircraft touching down and taking off from the Kamloops Airport today.

Manager Fred Legace says it was a distinctive U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter.

"The aircraft came in, I guess it was around noontime. They stopped for fuel, and they fueled up their bodies with a little bit of food from the restaurant, and then continued on their journey," said Legace. 

Legace says many people see the airport's scheduled commercial passenger aircraft, but the airport does see plenty of so-called 'itinerant' aircraft as well.

"We do see these every now and then that transit through the Kamloops area as they move between bases in the south and the bases that they have up in Alaska. They do quite a bit of training up there, so they do come through every now and then."

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