Need for change significantly higher this election according to the Greens

By Vanessa Ybarra
April 22, 2017 - 12:30pm

KAMLOOPS, B.C. — With Liberal and NDP attack ads only expected to get nastier with less than three weeks until the provincial election, Kamloops-North Thompson Green Candidate Dan Hines says their messages are falling on deaf ears.

Speaking to CFJC TV earlier this month, Hines says he's seen a substantial shift in voters attitudes based on the more than 5,200 homeowners he and Kamloops-South Thompson Green Candidate Donovan Cavers have spoken to throughout the city.

"We've seen far more people really thinking seriously about a change this election and really feeling that both parties are repeating the same stuff," said Hines. "They're certainly involved in the same cold war with one another."

Hines says today's Kamloops voters are wanting a concrete plan on resolving the cities doctor shortage, as well improving environmental assessment processes and the business sector.

If elected, Hines says one of his first priorities would be examining the health scope of the entire city to see which areas require the greatest improvement.

He adds with the Green Party refusing to accept corporate or union donations, social media has been an invaluable tool in getting the parties message across.

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