Volunteers clean up Cooney Bay

By CFJC Today
April 17, 2017 - 12:10pm

KAMLOOPS — Instead of relaxing on their long weekend, a local group headed to the shores of Kamloops Lake and the Thompson River to pick up garbage.

Around a dozen people pitched in to help clean up the beach and surrounding area.

Event Organizer Hayden Scott says he comes down to the beach quite frequently, and noticed it needed some attention.

“Probably about a week ago when I came down there was garbage everywhere, there were fires lit,” said Scott, adding, “So I just started organizing, and gather people together to clean up the garbage before the water came up and washed it all away. It's going to end up not only on our land here, but down in Kamloops Lake, in Savona and further down.”

Scott says he’s noticed the spot is a popular one for those looking to get away, and maybe enjoy a quiet fire close to the lake, but he just wishes those people would clean up after themselves when they’re finished.

“Obviously everything that floats down the river, ends up in Cooney Bay itself. Just an amount of garbage, but the people using these fire pits... yes it is a great place to use one, but clean up after yourself. Nobody's mom is going to come back and clean up after them.”

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