Kamloops Mayor pleased KGHM is back on the clock

By Adam Donnelly
March 31, 2017 - 5:00pm

KAMLOOPS — After a lengthy delay in the environmental review process, the timer has been restarted for KGHM-Ajax, after the BC Environmental Assessment Office received necessary additional documentation from the mining company.

Kamloops Mayor Peter Milobar says despite the pause in the government’s environmental review, SLR Consulting has remained working on they city’s review of Ajax’s application. now that the EAO has re-started the clock, city staff and council will work with the private consulting firm to ensure they’re up to date on where the process is at.

“City staff is working with SLR and the EAO to get a better handle on all the dates and timelines,” Milobar told CFJC Today. “They expect by April 25th to give a report to council.”    

The BC EAO has extended the initial review period by 110 days, as well as including a new 30-day public comment period. the extra time should allow the city’s elected officials more time to consider the project before they make their decision.

“I think everyone just wants to get an answer, yes or no,” Milobar stated, adding “I think everyone… wants to get complete and accurate information.”

Despite the announcement late Thursday afternoon no one from KGHM-Ajax was available for an interview today.

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