School District 73 enrolment expected to level out next year

By Chad Klassen
February 27, 2017 - 4:10pm Updated: February 27, 2017 - 6:42pm

KAMLOOPS — Enrolment is on the agenda at the school board's meeting on Monday night in Kamloops, and School District 73 officials say it's expected to level out next school year. 

While numbers could change in the next seven months, these latest projections buck the trend of a significant decline in enrolment, only amount to about 100 students, and that stability in numbers is expected to last. 

"We're projecting a slight decline of about 0.1%, which is minimal really with a student population of 14,000," said Assistant Superintendent Bill Hamblett. "It's not very many students at all, which is good news for the district. That means our enrolment should be fairly flat and that period of ongoing decline has ended." 

In September 2016, at the beginning of this school year, School District 73 officials were caught off guard by an increase in the student population by more than 230 --- in part due to migration of families to Kamloops.

But the district is confident in the latest predictions, only questioning numbers at the kindergarten level. It's asking parents who haven't to sign up their children for kindergarten, giving the district a better sense of numbers. 

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