Pipe break affects West End residents

By James Peters
January 6, 2017 - 12:07pm

KAMLOOPS — A water main break is impacting scores of residents in the West End area of Kamloops, around West Battle Street and Boundary Road.

City of Kamloops Utility Services Manager Greg Wightman says the break was reported around 8:00 yesterday morning, and crews are having a hard time finding it.

"We've had crews out since just trying to determine the exact locations of the break. It has been a bit of a challenge with the frozen ground and the large hills, water can run for a long ways, and pop up in areas that aren't necessarily above the break," said Wightman, adding, "We are still out there. We believe we have narrowed down the area where the break might be."

Wightman says some residents in the area are without water, and others may be experiencing low pressure.

But he says as the potential break location is zeroed in on, more residents will have their water service restored.

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