Old Mabel Lake docks to be removed

By Kiss FM News
December 28, 2016 - 2:34pm

VERNON, B.C. — Up to nine old docks that once were part of Mabel Lake Resort and were considered for use as part of a new breakwater by the boat launch are now heading for destruction.

The Enderby & District Services Commission has deemed them unsafe, and as such will be asking for tenders in the New Year to have them removed from the lake in the Kingfisher area according to Area Director Herman Hallvorson.

"If we can get somebody who is interested and if we can agree on a price we can go forward with it, but barring that, we do have to work on putting a breakwater in at the boat launch.  We could tie it in with that also."

Hallvorson says they want them disposed of early in the New Year.

"They are old docks from the Mabel Lake Resort.  They had intentions of using them, but they sat there and they are pretty water logged and pretty decrepit and in very bad shape.  We are going to put in a proper breakwater in, and what that is going to look like I don't know.  We'll put it out for proposals on that."

Hallvorson says plans will be put in motion for the launch area early in January.

"We will be looking at early in the New Year and then you have to go through section - 11's and all those kinds of situations in order to do that.  Possibly we will have to put in new pilings, the current ones are pretty decrepit too. We'll have to review the whole situation."

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