Some recent prison beatings in Canada

By The Canadian Press
December 12, 2016 - 7:45am

Here are some examples of recent beatings in Canadian jails:

Sept. 9, 2016 — Alvin Clifford Chiniquay, 40, beaten at Calgary Remand Centre, dies later in hospital.  Thirty-two-year old inmate charged with first-degree murder.

Nov. 9, 2015 — Dwayne Kenneth Wright, 34, beaten by Charles Wallace at Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Halifax. Attacker was listed as "incompatible" with Wright, but nonetheless was transferred into his unit. Wallace convicted of assault on Nov. 29.

February 2015 — Francis Jesse Deguire, 39, in jail for drunk driving, beaten severely at Brockville, Ont., jail, resulting in detached eyelid, bloody head injuries. Judge who sentenced attacker suggested it's time for an inquiry into Ontario provincial institutions. 

February 2015  — Glen Maher beaten by Edward Owens at Her Majesty's Penitentiary in St. John's, N.L., resulting in damage to Maher's face. CBC aired video of the aggravated assault, the second of two brutal beating videos seen in St. John's court that month. 

June 11, 2015 — Daniel Cunningham alleges he was beaten for five hours at Surrey, B.C., pretrial jail by gang members, despite repeated screams for help. His lawsuit says he suffered "moderate traumatic brain injury," but the province says in its statement of defence that policies and procedures followed by guards.

July 27, 2013 — Stacey Berntt alleges he was beaten severely, suffering traumatic brain injury, at Drumheller federal institution in Alberta. Berntt's lawsuit claims there were warning signals given to guards before a beating in the laundry room that left him unconscious, while federal government denies allegations that guards didn't meet duty of care.

June, 2013 — Jeremy Sippel of London, Ont., beaten severely while in jail in Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre in Ontario, before all charges dropped. The beating left Sippel in hospital for three days, and he told Global News he will "always have two plates in my jaw and talk with a lisp."

Aug. 15, 2011 — Allen Douglas Ogonoski alleges being beaten severely at Surrey, B.C., pretrial jail and says he suffered traumatic brain injury, seizures and speech impairment. The lawsuit goes to court in Vancouver in January, with the B.C. Justice Department statement of defence saying the assault "wasn't reasonably foreseeable," and policies were followed.

Sources: The Canadian Press, Global News, CBC Newfoundland

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