Taxpayers footing the bill for independent study into KGHM-Ajax

By Tanya Cronin
October 25, 2016 - 5:19pm

KAMLOOPS — Despite a funding source drying up, the city-contracted independent study into the KGHM-Ajax environmental application will go ahead.

Ajax informed council this week it wouldn't pay for an added 200-thousand dollars to complete the SLR Consulting study, even though it paid for the initial 300-thousand dollar cost.

Councillor Dieter Dudy says he wasn't surprised at the mine company's decision.

"When KGHM gave us $300,000 to fund SLR with respect to studying the application they put forth and then discovered in March it wasn't that complimentary an initial report, I'm not at all surprised they're not willing to pony up another $200,000 for them to continue," says Councillor Dieter Dudy.

"The reason SLR has been engaged is because enough people around this council have such lack of trust on a process that has now been demonstrated to be actually doing the work we've been told it would always do, that now SLR seems like a duplication of that work, however we're in for a penny, we're in for a pound now," says Mayor Peter Milobar.

At city hall this afternoon, council voted to pay for the remainder of the study out of general reserves.

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