Bruce Martin & Associates merges with MNP to benefit marketplace

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September 15, 2016 - 8:25am Updated: September 12, 2017 - 10:22am

Trina Warren knows the value of local, personalized client service. She also knows the benefit of having a wide range of resources for a firm to draw from in helping clients make the best choices possible. So the recent merger of one of Canada’s largest accounting firms, MNP, with Bruce Martin & Associates of Kamloops and Clearwater, makes perfect sense to her.

As MNP’s Regional Managing Partner, Warren says “this was a perfect fit for us. As a national firm, we are able to provide the range of services clients need to make business decisions in this era of growth and change. Merging with a firm like Bruce Martin also gives us a presence in an area we haven’t had the opportunity to serve before.”

The merger, which took effect September 1st, saw Bruce Martin & Associates renamed with the MNP banner, but Kamloops Partner Bruce Martin says the focus of the firm will continue to be that of a local client service philosophy.

“What appealed to me about the merger was that MNP has been around for almost 60 years, has been recognized as one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada for eight consecutive years, and has a culture of service that fits in well with our own.”  Martin added “our company is fully committed to serving our clients in the best way possible, and helping them grow their business. And these days, things change extremely quickly. MNP’s full suite of accounting, consulting and tax services complements our service offerings and with a great group of specialists that offer more than traditional accounting we can ensure we continue to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.”

Warren says the Kamloops and Clearwater teams will remain in place under the new banner, and continue to provide the commitment to great service and community commitment with an even wider range of resources.

“We now have 20 offices in B.C. and with MNP’s expertise in agriculture, professionals, real estate and construction, we feel we can benefit the Kamloops business community,” says Warren. “Strategic mergers have fueled MNP’s growth since we began 58 years ago. Aside from Kamloops and Clearwater, our region also has offices in Vernon and Kelowna, so we’re well placed to provide service to a wide range of clients. We’ve already seen since the merger some great synergies between Kamloops and other centres we serve, and that’s part of the benefit that MNP can provide. With Kamloops being a business hub, there are synergies that will continue to develop as we move forward, that will benefit clients not only in Kamloops and Clearwater, but throughout our offices across the country.”

So what does this mean to the person looking for expertise?  Warren says more than anything, clients need a level of comfort dealing with their business advisor. She says “when you put your trust in someone, you want to know that they are committed to giving you their best. Our Kamloops and Clearwater teams have done that for years, but now, they will get the added advantage of the resources that a large national company can provide.”  

In essence, it’s all about service, something MNP takes great pride in. As Warren says “our goal is to provide great service from the time one of our clients first goes into business till the time they retire. And we do that by giving them the best of two worlds- a national scope with a local focus. Having those broad national resources provides a phenomenal support mechanism, but it’s our ability to focus on each client at the local level that gives MNP its real strength”

Warren minces no words when talking about MNP’s goals. “We are first and foremost business advisors. I want to know what keeps our clients awake at night, and find out how we can help them take care of their needs. Our commitment to a local focus, backed by our national strength and resources.”

-              Written by CFJC Today staff with files and information supplied by MNP.

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