Mediation continues in Canada Post labour dispute

By Chad Klassen
August 29, 2016 - 3:20pm Updated: August 29, 2016 - 10:47pm


The Canadian Union of Postal Workers will continue mediation with Canada post tomorrow, Tuesday August 30. 


KAMLOOPS — Time is running out for Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to come to an agreement before the union places a ban on overtime starting on Tuesday. 

There is still time for negotiation, but the 24-hour delay to potential job action runs out Monday night, and the President of Local 758 Patricia Nauss isn't optimistic a deal will get done. 

"Canada Post is very stuck in what they want. They want to take away our benefits, change our pension, they don't want to pay the proper wages for our RSMCs (Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers)," says Nauss. "A lot of the benefits that we've got, instead of getting raises, we opted for benefits, so now they want to take away the benefits. We're not really gaining anything." 

The two sides have been deadlocked for months on the issues of pay scales for rural letter carriers and proposed changes to pensions for future employees.

If a deal isn't reached by Tuesday, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers will begin the first phase of job action, with no overtime work being allowed, one province at a time.

We're all going to keep delivering our routes and our mail," says Nauss. "And if there's anything leftover, we'll go in. But we're not going to do any overtime. All our part-timers are going to work up to the full eight hours. We're still willing to do as much as possible to get out as much mail as we can." 

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