B.C. Conservative leadership candidate comes to Kamloops

By Jill Sperling
August 14, 2016 - 2:36pm Updated: August 15, 2016 - 5:33pm

KAMLOOPS — B.C. Conservative leadership candidate Chloé Ellis made a stop in Kamloops as she tours communities on her Fresh Start for BC campaign. 

Ellis spent Sunday afternoon at Albert McGowan Park talking to Kamloops residents about their thoughts and concerns for provincial politics. 

She says people often bring up the topic of housing affordability to her. 

"We have a plan for that," Ellis said, "We will reduce the property transfer tax for B.C. residents. The Liberals currently have a band-aid solution to increase the property transfer tax for foreigners, and that's condensed to the Metro Vancouver area but that doesn't help our friends and other voters that are up in Kamloops, or in Cranbrook, or Abbotsford or even in Victoria. We need to make it more affordable for British Columbians to own a home."

Ellis admits the Conservative Party has not been a relevant choice to British Columbians in the last multitude of elections.

"We need to be able to go out there and speak with people all across the province so that we understand what your concerns are and we can come up with policy and a strong plan moving forward," Ellis said, "This is the first time that we will actually be, with myself as the leader, a relevant choice, your third choice in the coming election."

Ellis says she has a "boots on the ground" strategy to get the votes she needs to become the next leader of the BC Conservatives. 

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