Barnacle Records celebrates this weekend

By Adam Donnelly
August 12, 2016 - 4:54pm

KAMLOOPS — Today is National Vinyl Record Day. It was on this day back in 1877 Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Nearly 140 years later, the vinyl record has made a comeback, and the best place to find vinyl in Kamloops is Barnacle Records. The small storefront is celebrating their one year anniversary of business in the city.

When looking at traditional retail shopping, and the music industry, one can draw parallels between the decline of both, brought about by the rise of digital media files, and online shopping; at Barnacle Records, they’ve carved out a nice little niche, selling music, on vinyl, in a retail space.

“It’s been a really illuminating, and unpredictable year,” said Ronan McGrath, who owns and operates the shop along with his wife. “

The store offers plenty of classic offerings — vinyl from the heyday of the medium — but, since the early 2000’s, many bands have been offering their newest releases digitally, as well as on cd and vinyl.

As a small, independent retailer, Ronan has been able to collaborate with others in the community to help promote the store. tonight, he’s set to host an event in conjunction with the Kamloops Art Gallery, combining visual art with music.

“The Art Gallery supplies all of the art making tools, and we just supply the space and the social atmosphere,” McGrath explained. “In conjunction with that… we’ve started… doing a tandem event. [We’re] trying to invite amateur individuals who’ve never handled vinyl in a DJ/mixing environment, with two turntables… so they can feel what it’s like to [try to DJ].”

On Saturday, August 13th, Barnacle Records celebrates the one year anniversary of their opening. Ronan says he’s pleased with how his little shop has been able to grow this year, and is optimistic about the future of vinyl.


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