Man picking huckleberries attacked by a bear

By James Peters / Chad Harris
July 21, 2016 - 11:09am

WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C. — A 79 year old man is recovering after he was attacked by an angry bear sow last Sunday (July 17).

The man was picking berries in a remote area northeast of Williams Lake, and Joel Kline of the Conservation Officer Service says he came across a mother and her cub.

Kline says the mother attacked, likely trying to protect her cub and her food source.

"That kind of information, along with the other witness information led us to believe that it was a defensive attack. The sow was likely protecting her cub, and the food source, as the witness and the victim were picking huckleberries at the time," explained Kline.

The man was taken to hospital for treatment of multiple bite wounds.

Kline says the CO service responded but couldn't locate the animal.

"This is pretty much, wrong place, wrong time, just unfortunate circumstances. The gentlemen didn't do anything to provoke an attack, he was just out berry picking in an area where there happened to be a bear, and she was moving through having a good feed on berries as well."

He notes the berry crop is very good right now, and people should be aware that berries are a favourite for bears as well as humans.

"The berries right now are really good, and bears really enjoy berries. If you are going to be picking, just be very cautious of what is around you, and your surrounding. Make lots of noise, and have bear spray, and just make sure you are very aware."

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