Cops warn Coquihalla drivers about changing conditions

By James Peters
July 20, 2016 - 11:46am Updated: July 20, 2016 - 1:42pm

KAMLOOPS — Police say hydroplaning on a rain-slicked highway played a part in a series of crashes on the Coquihalla yesterday (July 19).

Corporal Jodi Shelkie says in one case, poor tire tread may have been a factor in the vehicle leaving the road, and that should be a warning to drivers.

"People believe that tire tread only counts in the winter. Well, it definitely counts in the summer as well. No doubt this summer there is going to be a lot more rain, and different types of conditions on the Coquihalla. Please adjust your driving, check your tires, and be safe when you are driving," explained Shelkie.

Shelkie notes two adults were seriously injured in one crash, while two children in the same vehicle are in stable condition.

"Although the Coquihalla is posted at 120km/h, you need to drive according to road conditions. Sometimes drivers believe if it's summertime, even though it is raining you don't need to adjust your driving because it's not snowing. Well, rain can cause accidents just as much as snow."

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