Spent helium balloons prompt pledge after Victoria music festival

By The Canadian Press
July 14, 2016 - 10:07am

VICTORIA — Organizers of a music festival in Victoria are promising not to use helium balloons at next year’s event.

Phillips Brewery and Atomique Productions have issued a tweet apologizing after several deflated balloons were pulled from waters near an ecological reserve south of Victoria.

The balloons were printed with the logo of the Backyard Weekender concert held July 8-10 at the Phillips Brewery in downtown Victoria.

Crew members of a local whale watching outfit fished the items out of Juan de Fuca Strait and tweeted a note about the danger such garbage poses to the marine environment.

Concert promoters responded, saying helium balloons were used for site decoration but were not intentionally released and were believed to have been picked up Sunday.

They say they are sad to learn any reached the ocean, they promise the festival will be balloon-free going forward, and hope this raises awareness among organizers of other events. (CFAX)

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