B.C. Greens plan to run candidates in both Kamloops ridings

By James Peters
June 28, 2016 - 12:24pm

KAMLOOPS — The BC Green Party did not run candidates in the two Kamloops ridings during the last provincial election in 2013.

That won't be the same story next year.

Greens held an organizational meeting last night, and began their nomination process for candidates in Kamloops-North Thompson and Kamloops-South Thompson.

Party spokesperson Dan Hines says there is renewed energy this time around.

"We're just really pleased with the growing interest and excitement. It has really been quite encouraging for us to see the folks that are coming forward. Particularly some of the young people, some folks in their 20s, who are really quite keen, and very capable, very savvy people, so that has been encouraging," explained Hines.

Hines says Green supporters believe, with the election of MLA and leader Andrew Weaver on Vancouver Island, the party has a chance to be more than just a fringe choice for voters.

"There's also a larger sense of cynicism that I am certainly noticing about the two existing parties. I think there is some real strong interest in the possibility of a third party, one that is maybe able to bridge some of the divide, and raise the conversation above the polarity."

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